Our Favorite Nashville Eats

Our Favorite Nashville Eats


We're those girls that while we're eating breakfast, we're asking each other "What sounds good for lunch?" We live to eat, and eat to live. Probably more of the first one. Can you relate? If so, you'll appreciate this post. 

Here's our favorite places to eat in the ville... :) 

CAVIAR & BANANAS  (Ally's Favorite)
2031 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203

pc: @caviarbananasnashville

First of all, let's talk about the vibe. I mean, it's freaking PRECIOUS. Well done, CB - well done. Can we get you to interior decorate all of our homes? Thanks! 
Second of all, the foods perfect. Best freaking salad around! If you're a Nashvillian, and haven't tried this place yet... grab your bestie, husband, or boyfriend... and go! 

EDLEY'S (Laci's Favorite)
East Nashville, 12 South, and Sylvan Park

pc: edleysbbq

Best BBQ in Nash! Owner of The Nash Collection, Laci, is OBSESSED with this place. Good God, she's obsessed. It's become an ongoing joke these days about how much Edley's she eats. That aside, the outdoor seating is great as well as the service + food. Our favorite location is probably the Sylvan Park location! 


JERSEY MIKES  (Laci's Other Favorite)
2050 Rosa L Parks Blvd
Nashville, TN 37228

pc: google. :) 

Another one of Laci's favorite. Pretty much, if she's not at Edley's you can find her here. Killer sandwiches, killer prices, AND they have will put any sandwich on a bed of lettuce if you ask! It's quick, it's easy, it's perfect!

5303 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37209

pc: The Tennessean 

Best skinny margs around! Y'all. We discovered this place one night after a run at Centennial Park. We were headed home (in the Sylvan Park area) and couldn't decide what to eat. We landed on Baja Sexto. We we're a littttllleee under dressed - but we sat at the bar so we felt a little more comfortable. I would say it's casual/cute dress. Next time we go, we won't wear running shorts if that helps you at all. :) Laci had tacos, I had a skirt steak. All of it was AMAZING. Like, how had we driven by this place so many times and passed it up?! There's also another Baja Sexto location over in The Gulch area. 

We'll catch you guys next time, until then --- hit up these places and were your NASH hat when you go. :) 



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